To Indigenous, Native American, Aboriginal Students & Graduates

From Tanaya Winder: I’m not a journalist, I don’t work for a newspaper, I don’t have a huge following but when I see articles like “It Isn’t Getting Better for Native American Students” ( ) I immediately think, Ok yea there are some issues, BUT we have a lot of people out there who are educated, going back to school, who graduated 20 years ago, last year, or are just starting college. Some people have families and make it work. Some people take time off to work for monetary reasons but return to college years later. We have a long line here of people wanting to go to college and we need more POSITIVE examples showing not only the struggles, but the successes as well, something showing that it isn’t easy, but here’s what each of us did to “make it.” So let’s do it! Let’s share our stories not through the venue of a scholarship page where they shout the praises of only their particular scholars but a community grassroots blog of sorts where people can send in their stories and we can share them with all of Indian Country. If any of you want to share your story (or know someone who should) have them email it to It can be a paragraph to 5 pages, it can be audio or a video submission. Include a headshot and bio. We’ll see who sends their story and if I get enough I’ll create a blog/website to showcase all of these stories to show all of the POSITIVE examples of Native Americans (all ages) who graduated last year or 20 years ago, those who are going to college, returning to school, working, and utilizing their education. Spread the word! Let’s change the game.

(I couldn’t tag everyone, but please share with anyone you know who may be interested)

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~ by Shauna Osborn on August 21, 2013.

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