10 Classic Rock Songs That Are Also Epic Mansplanations


Women: according to thousands of beloved songs, we’re shallow or manipulative or cruel or stupid or some unholy combination of the above. Sexism in pop music is so common that pointing out individual instances can begin to feel obvious or redundant. But there’s a certain brand of sexist speech that has fascinated the Internet — and that includes your humble correspondent — over the past few years: the mansplanation. Well, it’s not just for think-pieces and bad cocktail-party chatter. In pop music, the mansplanation manifests itself as a song that finds a male singer directly addressing a woman, bestowing upon her some deeply felt yet condescending pearls of wisdom — generally about the “girl” (as he invariably calls her) herself. Done right, the mansplanation-in-song is as amusing as it is revolting. And nowhere is it more common than in classic rock. Here are ten egregious examples.

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~ by Shauna Osborn on November 19, 2013.

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